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"I have always loved the "high ponytail" hair style - unfortunately to my detriment. This tight hair style pulled excessively at the back of my scalp and overtime I noticed that my hair was falling out - leaving bald spots. Changing my hair style didn't help matters at all; actually it resulted in creating further damage with hair breakage and split ends. Over the years I have tried many products; spending any amount in the hopes of getting a positive result. Nothing seemed to work until I tried Vitalize Hair. I was happy that the products were 100% all natural and had no side effects. Finally I didn't have to worry about the safety of the products as they do not contain artificial preservatives, sulfates or parabens. After twenty-three (23) days of consistent use I saw results. My trouble areas had noticeable hair regrowth. I continue to use the system not only to address my hair thinning problems but to prevent any further hair problems from occurring."

Why Vitalize Hair System?

In clinical studies, Vitalize Hair is 200% more effective, is proven to help twice as many women regrow their hair compared to other leading products, and the growing hair is twice as long. Our key ingredient, award-winning, scientifically formulated Redensyl® stimulates hair follicles to promote thicker, fuller hair. And in clinical studies Redensyl® showed two times better results than Minoxidil.

Vitalize Hair is all-natural and safe. Other products contain alcohol which dries your scalp out possibly leading to dandruff, irritation and faster hair loss. Vitalize is clinicaly proven to reduce skin irritation. Plus you can use Vitalize while you are pregnant unlike Minoxidil/Rogaine and most popular treatments.

How Does Vitalize Compare To Other Leading Treatments?

Vitalize Hair is easier. No need for invasive surgery or messy applicators. Just apply the Vitalize Hair Serum and Oil to your scalp, take your Vitalize Hair Vitamins daily. And say goodbye to thin edges and say hello to thicker hair in just 90 days. Yes, it's that easy.

Some Facts On Hair Loss In Women:
  • Most women suffer noticeable hair loss in their lifetime.

  • Premature hair loss can begin with women as early as their 20s.

  • Hair loss is more common in women who wear braids or weaves.

  • Stress and poor diet are leading causes for hair loss in women.

  • Get more facts on hair loss at the Official

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